Sponsor Circular Economy Month

Two hands holding a growing tree in soil.

Entering its third year, Circular Innovation Council continues to expand the Circular Economy Month program to increase the public’s awareness of the circular economy and its opportunity to adapt to and mitigate climate change. This year’s success is supported by partners like you.


Brand alignment and exposure

Showcase your organization and its commitments, initiatives, and achievements related to sustainability through circularity and waste reduction. 

Collaboration, membership, and networking

We work with our partners on program planning and implementation, including resource development, events, marketing and communications. Program Partners and Champions receive complimentary Circular Innovation Council membership for one year. Membership benefits include engagement with representatives across industries and sectors on critical issues, access to the latest environmental information, as well as additional promotional, networking, and collaboration opportunities.

Support public education and behaviour change

Your partnership supports delivery of a national campaign that’s mission is to educate and empower Canadians to support an economy that delivers on the most important values of Canadians: protecting the planet and prioritizing people.

Drive progress on Canada’s Circular Economy Action Plan

The Circular Economy Action Plan for Canada highlights various key enablers as primary drivers of the circular economy. Through your contribution to this annual campaign, you enable progress on priority actions under the Information and Collaboration pillars.

“We must move away from a “take-make-dispose” economy to a more sustainable economy that reduces the need for new materials and subsequently reduces the amount of waste being created.”

Kendra, Municipality of Ottawa

“Making it a Circular Economy Month, instead of a Circular Economy Day gives us more time to bring stakeholders together and offer prolonged learning.”

Jackie, GreenUP