Week 3 – Waste Reduction Week in Canada

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Since 2001 the Waste Reduction Week in Canada campaign has engaged Canadians to better understand the issues of waste and the opportunities they have to accelerate our transition to a circular economy. Starting with a focus on recycling education and collection events, it has now expanded into a month-long celebration. 

Waste Reduction Week looks at the waste reduction component of a circular economy. The week is structured into seven daily themes that focus the discussion, promote achievements, and celebrate advancements in each area: 

Circular Economy Innovators Monday

Monday’s programming has evolved! Circular Economy Innovators Monday showcases new and innovative circular economy stories and the organizations that are championing this new concept. These businesses showcase how the circular economy advances resource efficiencies, cost savings, and waste reduction.

Waste Reduction Week: Circular Economy Innovators Monday

Textiles Tuesday

Textiles Tuesday raises awareness on the environmental consequences of clothing and textiles consumption, and provides information on how you can extend the life of your clothing and make more sustainable choices. 

Waste Reduction Week: Textiles Tuesday

E-Waste Wednesday

E-waste is quickly becoming one of the largest waste streams around the world. It’s crucial to design circularity into a product from the beginning and carry that thinking all the way through to the end of its working life. Learn facts and stats here.

Waste Reduction Week: E-Waste Wednesday

Plastics Thursday

Find out how the circular economy can reduce the use and waste of plastics. Understand how recyclability of plastic goods can improve. And discover how the value of recycled plastic can be increased by improving product design, use, and end-of-life management. On Plastics Thursday, we recognize and celebrate champions that support and are taking action on plastic waste reduction.

Waste Reduction Week: Plastics Thursday

Food Waste Friday

Take the pledge and commit to making choices that will keep your food from becoming waste. Learn about how much food goes to waste in Canada and what you can do to rescue food at home.

Waste Reduction Week: Food Waste Friday

Sharing Economy Saturday

Millions of Canadians engage in the sharing economy everyday. Learn how important it is in the transition to a circular economy and how you can participate!

Waste Reduction Week: Sharing Economy Saturday

Swap and Repair Sunday

To wrap up the week, Canadians from coast to coast will engage with the theme swap and repair. Find out how these very simple yet important pillars of the circular economy can have a huge impact and what you can do to support it!

Waste Reduction Week: Swap & Repair Sunday

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