Circular Economy Month Champion: CSA Group

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CSA Group Standards and Research Support the Transition toward the Circular Economy

CSA Group’s vision of creating a better, safer, and more sustainable world aligns fully with the concepts of a circular economy and its ultimate goals: minimize waste, optimize the use of resources, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Considering the importance of mobilizing a circular economy, we have established circularity as a strategic focus and priority across all of the sectors that we operate in.

CSA Group is a global organization dedicated to safety, social good, and sustainability. We are a leader in standards research, development, education, and advocacy, as well as in testing, inspection, and certification of products and services around the world.

Together with our 11,000 volunteer expert members, CSA Group’s Standards Development organization develops standards that enhance the lives of Canadians and help address emerging, complex issues and technologies. Our standards help ensure the quality and safety of services, products, and systems we encounter at home, at work, and at play.

Helping Canadian industry reduce waste and manage resources

CSA Group has been publishing standards supporting circularity for many years, including:

  • guideline for disassembly and adaptability in buildings
  • standard for deconstructing buildings
  • guideline for accountable management of end-of-life materials
    Currently, our new Technical Committee for Circular Plastic Waste Management is developing a standard that will define recycling in the context of plastics. Providing such national definitions will help establish recycling targets in Canada, measure recycling outcomes in a consistent and transparent way, and verify that set targets have been met.

Exploring strategies to extend the life and value of all resources

CSA Group also collaborates with experts from industry and academia to identify areas where standards can support the adoption of practices that extend the life and value of materials and resources and help reduce waste. To date, CSA Group has published eight circularity-related research publications. Our most recent research explores:

  • the circularity of lithium-ion batteries, outlining standardization and safety requirements for their second life as well as recycling
  • opportunities to apply circular strategies to extend the life of existing office buildings and their whole-life carbon impacts to help inform decisions about whether to demolish and rebuild or retrofit buildings

Visit CSA Group’s website to learn more about circularity in construction and value-retention and waste-reduction practices.